Cultural Intermediaries

The engaging intellectual profiles created especially for this volume by scholars from Israel, North America, and Europe represent an important rereading and reinterpretation of early modern Jewish culture and society and its broader European intellectual contexts.

Cultural Intermediaries
Jewish Intellectuals in Early Modern Italy

Edited by David B. Ruderman and Giuseppe Veltri

2004 | 304 pages | Cloth $69.95
History | Religion
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Table of Contents

—David Ruderman

1. Biography and Autobiography in Yohanan Alemanno's Literary Perception
—Fabrizio Lelli
2. Elijah Delmedigo: An Archetype of the Halakhic Man?
—Harvey Hames
3. Philo and Sophia: Leone Ebreo's Concept of Jewish Philosophy
—Giuseppe Veltri
4. Joseph ha-Kohen, Paolo Giovio and Sixteenth-Century Historiography
—Martin Jacobs
5. Religious Life and Jewish Erudition in Pisa: Yehiel Nissim da Pisa and the Crisis of Aristotelianism
—Alessandro Guetta
6. The Beautiful Soul: Azariah de' Rossi's Search for Truth
—Joanna Weinberg
7. The Teaching Program of David ben Abraham and His Son Abraham Provenzali in Its Historical-Cultural Context
—Gianfranco Miletto
8. Judah Moscato's Scholarly Self-Image and the Question of Jewish Humanism
—Adam Shear
9. As Framed, So Perceived: Salamone Rossi ebreo, Late Renaissance Musician
—Don Harrán
10. Amatus Lusitanus and the Location of Sixteenth-Century Cultures
—Eleazar Gutwirth
11. Italy in Safed, Safed in Italy: Toward an Interactive History of Sixteenth-Century Kabbalah
—Moshe Idel
12. A Bibliography of Jewish Cultural History in the Early Modern Period
—Giuseppe Veltri

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