Room 4.1.3

"The work of Room 4.1.3 enriches the theoretical discourse of contemporary landscape architecture. . . . This book is a statement of their formative ideas."—Kenneth Helphand, FASLA, University of Oregon, former editor of Landscape Journal

Room 4.1.3
Innovations in Landscape Architecture

Richard Weller

2005 | 288 pages | Cloth $59.95
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Table of Contents

Inside Room 4.1.3
—Richard Weller

I. Dialectical Geographies
—The Satellite's Garden and the Vertigorium
—No Man's Land
—The Potsdamer Platz
—The Trans-European Songline
—Das Berliner Zimmer

II. Infrastructures
—The Farm
—New Singapore City
—Sun City
—Future Generations University

III. Event Spaces
—A-Political Project(ions)
—The Women's Rooms
—The Esplanade
—Namesti Miru
—The Field

Black Nightshade Ink
—Rod Barnett
Diving into Stars
—Gavin Keeney
The Satellite's Garden at Ground Zero
—Denis Cosgrove

IV. Denatured Ecologies
—Z2 + C
—The Amber Room
—The Bestiary and the Herbal
—Animal Ignoble

V. Memoria
—The Virtually Free Market and the Memorial to Fallen Bodies
—The Twentieth-Century Monument
—The Place de la Revolution
—The Pentagon Memorial Sky Garden
—Ground Zero (in process)

VI. Gardens
—Din A4
ETA Hoffmann Garden
—Vladimir's Folly
The Seed Machine
—The Film Maker's Garden
—Fire Garden
—Water Garden
—Terra Californicus

—Paul Carter
Textuality and Tattoos
—Jacky Bowring
Room 4.1.3 and Australian Landscape Architecture
—Julian Raxworthy
Cowboy Critical . . . The Antipodean Practice of Room 4.1.3
—Peter Connolly

VII. Landmarks
—Voss' Garden
—Reconciliation Place
—Federation Garden
—The National Museum of Australia

—Project Details
—Prizes and Awards
—Reviews and Writings

Contributing Authors