Education Is Translation

Through an unusual weaving not only of disciplinary but also of personal and academic, poetic, and analytical perspectives, Alison Cook-Sather argues that education can be understood as a process of translation through which every learner is both the translator and the subject of her own translation.

Education Is Translation
A Metaphor for Change in Learning and Teaching

Alison Cook-Sather

2005 | 224 pages | Cloth $75.00 | Paper $24.95
Anthropology | Education
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Table of Contents

Preface: Only Connect

1. Living Translation
2. A Metaphor for Change in Learning and Teaching
3. Translating Compositions and Selves
4. Translating Within and Against Institutional Structures
5. Translating Between Student and Teacher
6. "Desiring the Exhilarations of Changes"
Appendix: A Sampling of Educational Metaphors