Paperwork challenges traditional approaches to print culture and the mass media in the nineteenth century. Kevin McLaughlin argues for a literary-critical approach to the impact of the mass media on literature through a series of detailed interpretations of fiction by Poe, Stevenson, Melville, Dickens, and Hardy.

Fiction and Mass Mediacy in the Paper Age

Kevin McLaughlin

2005 | 192 pages | Cloth $59.95
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Table of Contents

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Introduction: Apparitions of Paper
1. Distraction in America: Paper, Money, Poe
2. Off the Map: Stevenson's Polynesian Fiction
3. Transatlantic Connections: "Paper Language" in Melville
4. The Paper State: Collective Breakdown in Dickens's Bleak House
5. Pretending to Read: Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge
Afterword: The Novel Collective

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