John Randolph Clay

This is the biography of a nineteenth-­century gentleman whose career in the diplomatic service of his country contributed greatly to the worldwide expansion of American trade and commerce.

John Randolph Clay
America's First Career Diplomat

George Irvin Oeste

1965 | 608 pages | Cloth $79.95
Biography | American History
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Table of Contents

The Clays of Philadelphia
The Mission to Russia, 1830
James Buchanan and the Commercial Treaty
Diplomatic Courier, 1832-1833
Personal and Public Affairs in Russia, 1833-1837
Homecoming, 1837; Return to Diplomacy, 1838
The Tobacco Mission to Austria
Vienna: Happiness and Tragedy, 1838-1840
Politics and Frustration, 1840-1845
Russian Interlude, 1845-1847
Peruvian Journey
Debt Collector Extraordinary
Guano Diplomacy
Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation
The Lobos Islands Controversy
Back Door to the Amazon
The Pelican War and Its Aftermath
Matters Personal and Political
Clay as a Treaty Maker
Claims, Counter Claims, and Revolution
Mounting Claims and Controversies, 1856-1860
Winter in Washington, 1860-1885
Clay in Retirement, 1861-1885
John Randolph Clay: An Appraisal