A Sufi-Jewish Dialogue

In A Sufi-Jewish Dialogue, Diana Lobel explores the full extent to which Duties of the Heart marks the flowering of the "Jewish-Arab symbiosis," the interpenetration of Islamic and Jewish civilizations.

A Sufi-Jewish Dialogue
Philosophy and Mysticism in Bahya ibn Paquda's "Duties of the Heart"

Diana Lobel

2006 | 376 pages | Cloth $65.00
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Table of Contents

Introduction:	Bahya's Work in Its Judeo-Arabic Context

Chapter 1. Philosophical Mysticism in Eleventh-Century Spain: Bahya and Ibn Gabirol
Chapter 2. On the Lookout: The Exegesis of a Sufi Tale
Chapter 3. Creation
Chapter 4. The One
Chapter 5. Speaking about God: Divine Attributes, Biblical Language, and Biblical Exegesis
Chapter 6. The Contemplation of Creation (I'tibār)
Chapter 7. Wholehearted Devotion (Ikhlās): Purification of Unity (Ikhlās al-Tawhid), Purification of Intention in Action (Ikhlās al-'Amal)
Chapter 8. Reason, Law, and the Way of the Spirit
Chapter 9. The Spirituality of the Law Chapter 10. Awareness, Love, and Reverence (Murāqaba, Mahabba, Hayba/Yir'ah)

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