Marriage and Violence

Marriage is often described as a melding of two people into one. But what—or who—must be lost, fragmented, or buried in that process? Dolan reveals the contradiction that lies at the very heart of modern marriage. We have inherited from early modern England a model of marriage, she contends, so flawed that its logical consequence is conflict.

Marriage and Violence
The Early Modern Legacy

Frances E. Dolan

2008 | 248 pages | Cloth $47.50 | Paper $22.50
Women's Studies/Gender Studies | Cultural Studies
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Table of Contents

Chapter One. One Flesh, Two Heads: Debating the Biblical Blueprint for Marriage in the Seventeenth and Twentieth Centuries.
Chapter Two. Battered Women, Petty Traitors, and the Legacy of Coverture
Chapter Three. Fighting for the Breeches, Sharing the Rod: Spouses, Servants, and the Struggle for Equality
Chapter Four. How a Maiden Keeps Her Head: Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I, and the Perils of Marriage