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The Reluctant Job Changer
Studies in Work Attachments and Aspirations

Gladys L. Palmer, Herbert S. Parnes, Richard C. Wilcock, Mary W. Herman, and Carol P. Brainerd

1962 | 248 pages | Cloth $79.95
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Table of Contents


I. Workers and Their Jobs
—Gladys L. Palmer
II. Attachments to Occupation and to Company
—Gladys L. Palmer, Herbert S. Parnes, and Richard C. Wilcock
III. Workers' Attitudes to Job-Changing: The Effect of Private Pension Plans
—Herbert S. Parnes
IV. Trends in the Character of Work Attachments Among Philadelphia Toolmakers
—Carol P. Brainerd
V. Class Concepts, Aspirations and Vertical Mobility
—Mary W. Herman
VI. What Keeps Men in Jobs and Occupations
—Gladys L. Palmer