Bodies of Belief

Bodies of Belief argues that the paradoxical evolution of the Baptist religion, specifically in Pennsylvania and Virginia, was simultaneously egalitarian and hierarchical, democratic and conservative.

Bodies of Belief
Baptist Community in Early America

Janet Moore Lindman

2008 | 280 pages | Cloth $39.95 | Paper $22.50
American History | Religion
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Table of Contents

Introduction: A New People of God
Chapter 1: "Little Tabernacles in the Wilderness": Baptists in Colonial Pennsylvania
Chapter 2: "Sons and Daughters in Zion": Baptists in Colonial Virginia
Chapter 3: "A Heaven-Born Stroke": Evangelical Conversion
Chapter 4: "Putting on Christianity": Ritual Practice
Chapter 5: "Holy Walking and Conversation": Church Discipline
Chapter 6: Sisters in Christ: Gender and Spirituality
Chapter 7: Free People in the Lord: Race and Religion
Chapter 8: The Manly Christian: Evangelical White Manhood
Conclusion: Baptists in the Early Republic

Appendix: Baptist Ministers in the Delaware Valley and Chesapeake
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