Women of Fes

Based on extensive fieldwork, Women of Fes shows how Moroccan women create their own forms of identity through work, family, and society. The book also examines how women's lives are positioned vis-à-vis globalization, human rights, and the construction of national identity.

Women of Fes
Ambiguities of Urban Life in Morocco

Rachel Newcomb

2008 | 248 pages | Cloth $49.95 | Paper $24.95
Anthropology | Women's Studies/Gender Studies | African-American Studies/African Studies
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Table of Contents

Notes on Transliteration

Chapter One: Introduction: Women of Fes and the Territories of Ideology
Chapter Two: Rumors: Constructing Fes
Chapter Three: Mudawana Reform and the Persistence of Patriarchy
Chapter Four: Solidarity with Distinctions: The Limits of Intervention at a Fassi Nongovernmental Organization
Chapter Five: Kinship: Seeking Sanctuary in the City
Chapter Six: Occupying the Public: New Forms of Gendered Urban Space
Chapter Seven: Singing to So Many Audiences
Chapter Eight: Conclusion: Community, Chaos, and Continuity