Iraq's Marsh Arabs in the Garden of Eden

Ethnoarchaeological fieldwork near a mound called al-Hiba, in the marshes of southern Iraq.

Iraq's Marsh Arabs in the Garden of Eden

Edward L. Ochsenschlager

2004 | 264 pages | Cloth $39.95
Anthropology | Archaeology
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Table of Contents

1. In the Garden of Eden
2. The people of Al-Hiba
3. Ways and means
4. Mud household utensils and storage containers
5. Mud musical instruments, toys, jewelry, and ammunition
6. Mud architecture and ancillary structures
7. Baked pottery
8. Mats, baskets, and other objects made of reeds and rushes
9. Reed architecture
10. Wood, boats, and bitumen
11. Bovine husbandry
12. Sheep
13. Village weavers.
14. The photographs of John Henry Haynes
15. Death under glass