East African Archaeology

East African Archaeology
Foragers, Potters, Smiths, and Traders

Edited by Chapurukha M. Kusimba and Sibel B. Kusimba

2003 | 226 pages | Cloth $49.95
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Table of Contents

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1. Comparing Prehistoric and Historic Hunter-Gatherer Mobility in Southern Kenya
2. The East African Neolithic: A Historical Perspective
3. Archaeological Implications of Hadzabe Forager Land Use in the Eyasi Basin, Tanzania
4. Ceramic Ethnoarchaeology: Some Examples from Kenya
5. Fipa Iron Technologies and Their Implied Social History
6. Early Ironworking Communities on the East African Coast: Excavations at Kivinja, Tanzania
7. Ironworking on the Swahili Coast of Kenya
8. Iron Age Settlement Patterns and Economic Change on Zanzibar and Pemba Islands
9. Politics, Cattle, and Conservation: Ngorongoro Crater at a Crossroads
10. Explaining the Origins of the State in East Africa
11. East African Archaeology: A South African Perspective