Aliens and Sojourners

Why did early Christians claim their "otherness" as resident aliens, strangers, and sojourners so vocally? Aliens and Sojourners explores the markedly different ways that Christians used the rhetoric of their own marginality in order to variously situate Christian identity in relation to the ancient Roman world.

Aliens and Sojourners
Self as Other in Early Christianity

Benjamin H. Dunning

2009 | 192 pages | Cloth $55.00
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Aliens, Christians, and the Rhetoric of Identity
1. Citizens and Aliens
2. Going to Jesus "Outside the Camp": Alien Identity in Hebrews
3. Outsiders by Virtue of Outdoing: The Epistle to Diognetus
4. Foreign Countries and Alien Assets in the Shepherd of Hermas
5. Strangers and Soteriology in the Apocryphon of James

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