The Modern Moves West

Exploring the transformation of California into a center for contemporary art through the twentieth century, this book dramatically illustrates the paths California artists took toward a more diverse and inclusive culture.

The Modern Moves West
California Artists and Democratic Culture in the Twentieth Century

Richard Cándida Smith

2009 | 264 pages | Cloth $39.95 | Paper $24.95
American History / Fine Art
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Table of Contents


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Introduction: Dilemmas of Professional Culture

1. The Case for Modern Art as a Distinct Form of Knowledge

2. Modern Art in a Provincial Nation

3. Modern Art and California's Progressive Legacies

4. From an Era of Grand Ambitions

5. Becoming Postmodern

6. California Assemblage: Art as Counterhistory

7. Learning from the Watts Towers

8. Contemporary Art Along the U.S.-Mexican Border

Conclusion: Improvising from the Margins