Zamumo's Gifts

Zamumo's Gifts traces the evolution of Indian-European exchange, from gift giving as a diplomatic tool to the trade of commodities that bound colonists and Natives in commercial relations.

Zamumo's Gifts
Indian-European Exchange in the Colonial Southeast

Joseph M. Hall, Jr.

2009 | 248 pages | Cloth $37.50 | Paper $22.50
American History | Native American Studies
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Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations

1. The Spirit of a Feather: The Politics of Mississippian Exchange
2. Floods and Feathers: From the Mississippian to the Floridian
3. Seeking the Atlantic: The Growth of Trade
4. Following the White Path: Migration and the Muskogees' Quest for Security
5. Creating White Hearts: Anxious Alliances amid the Slave Trade
6. The Yamasee War: Trade Reformed, a Region Reoriented
7. Cries of ''Euchee!'': Imperial Trade in a Creek Southeast
Conclusion: Gifts and Trade, Towns and Empires

Glossary of Native Place Names