The Birth of Orientalism

Modern Orientalism was born in the eighteenth century after a very long gestation period defined less by economic or political motives than by religious ideology. The Birth of Orientalism presents a completely new picture of the Western encounter with Asia, its underlying dynamics, and the discovery of Buddhism and Hinduism.

The Birth of Orientalism

Urs App

2010 | 568 pages | Cloth $79.95 | Paper $32.50
Anthropology | Philology and Linguistics | Asian Studies
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Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables

Chapter 1. Voltaire's Veda
Chapter 2. Ziegenbalg's and La Croze's Discoveries
Chapter 3. Diderot's Buddhist Brahmins
Chapter 4. De Guignes's Chinese Vedas
Chapter 5. Ramsay's Ur-Tradition
Chapter 6. Holwell's Religion of Paradise
Chapter 7. Anquetil-Duperron's Search for the True Vedas
Chapter 8. Volney's Revolutions

Synoptic List of Protagonists