Miami, so adept at stirring the imagination of strangers, has always lured visitors and migrants even if few ever ended up staying. Author Jan Nijman presents a careful and revealing dissection of one of the most intriguing cities of our age, one that offers a window into the global urban future.

Mistress of the Americas

Jan Nijman

2010 | 288 pages | Paper $22.50
Social Science | General | Geography | American History
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Table of Contents


1 Early Liaisons
2 Shades of a City
3 Extreme Makeover
4 The Miami Growth Machine
5 The Birth of a World City
6 Transience and Civil Society
7 Locals, Exiles, and Mobiles
8 Elusive Subtropical Urbanism
9 The First Hemispheric City

Appendix 1. The Transience Index
Appendix 2. Mapping Locals, Exiles, and Mobiles