Rainforest Warriors

Rainforest Warriors is a historical, ethnographic, and documentary account of a people, their threatened rainforest, and their successful attempt to harness international human rights law in their fight to protect their way of life—part of a larger story of tribal and indigenous peoples that is unfolding all over the globe.

Rainforest Warriors
Human Rights on Trial

Richard Price

2010 | 280 pages | Cloth $55.00 | Paper $27.50
AF | Law
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Table of Contents


Africans Discover America
Land, Spirits, Power
Earth, Water, Sky
The Dam at Afobaka
Rockets at Kourou
Sovereignty and Territory
The Aloeboetoe Incursion
The Moiwana Massacre
Resistance Redux
Initial Protests
The Depredations Continue
Judgment Day
Pre-Hearing Pleadings
The Hearing
The Judgment
American Dreams
Developments on the Ground
Broader Implications


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