Radclyffe Hall

Richard Dellamora offers the first full look at the entire range of Hall's published and unpublished works of fiction, poetry, and autobiography and reads through them to demonstrate how she continually played with the details of her own life to help fashion her own identity as well as to bring into existence a public lesbian culture.

Radclyffe Hall
A Life in the Writing

Richard Dellamora

2011 | 344 pages | Cloth $45.00
Biography | Literature
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Table of Contents

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Introduction: Writing Radclyffe Hall Writing
1 Reading the Poetry
2 Psychic Incorporation: War, Mourning, and the Technology of Mediumship
3 Symbiosis of Publicity and Privacy: The Slander Trial of 1920
4 The Unlit Lamp: A Feminist Experiment
5 Paris and the Culture of Auto/biography in The Forge
6 Una Troubridge and Gender Performativity in A Saturday Life
7 Catholicism, Adam's Breed, and the Sacred Well
8 The Well of Loneliness as an Activist Text
9 From Sexual Inversion to Cross Gender in ''Miss Ogilvy Finds Herself''
10 After Economic Man: ''The Rest Cure-1932'
11 Oneself as The Other: Hall, Evguenia Souline, and the Final Writing