Aquatic Plants of Pennsylvania

The first complete identification guide to the aquatic plants of Pennsylvania, this reference provides illustrations and detailed descriptions of the more than 200 native and invasive species known to inhabit the Commonwealth's waterways.

Aquatic Plants of Pennsylvania
A Complete Reference Guide

Timothy A. Block and Ann Fowler Rhoads. Illustrations by Anna Anisko

2011 | 320 pages | Cloth $59.95
Botany | Ecology/Environmental Studies
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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

Chapter 1. Evolution and Ecology
—Evolution and Form of Aquatic Plants
—Role of Plants in Aquatic Ecosystems
—Types of Aquatic Ecosystems
—Management of Aquatic Ecosystems
Chapter 2. Identification Keys for the Aquatic Plants of Pennsylvania
—Key to Growth Habit Groups
—Key to Emergent Plants
—Key to Floating-leaf Plants
—Key to Thalloid or Tiny Floating Plants
—Key to Submergent Leafy-stemmed Plants
—Key to Submergent Rosette-forming Plants
—Key to Submergent Plants with Finely Divided Leaves
Chapter 3. Emergent Plants
—Arrow-arum, tuckahoe
—Chinese lobelia
—Water horsetail
—Bayonet rush
—Three-way sedge
—Water-hemp ragweed
Chapter 4. Floating-leaf Plants
—American lotus
—European water-clover
Chapter 5. Thalloid and/or Tiny Floating Plants
—Aquatic liverworts
—Charophyte algae
—Duckweed, watermeal, water-flaxseed, and bogmat
—Eastern mosquito fern
Chapter 6. Submergent Leafy-stemmed Plants
—Aquatic mosses
—Water star-grass
—Waternymph, naiad
Chapter 7. Submergent Rosette-forming Plants
—Water lobelia
—Water-celery, eel-grass
Chapter 8. Submergent Plants with Finely Divided Leaves
—Coontail, hornwort

References and Sources
Appendix: Taxonomic List of Plants Included