Before Fiction

Before Fiction asks why so many early novelists pretended their novels were literally true when no one believed them. For Nicholas D. Paige the answer lies in a radically new view of the formal history of the novel in England and France.

Before Fiction
The Ancien Régime of the Novel

Nicholas D. Paige

2011 | 304 pages | Cloth $59.95
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Table of Contents

Preface ix
Introduction: The Three Regimes of the Novel
Chapter 1. The Impossible Princess (Lafayette)
Chapter 2. Quixote Circa 1670 (Subligny)
Chapter 3. How to Read a Mind (Crébillon)
Chapter 4. The Aesthetics of Sentiment (Rousseau)
Chapter 5. The Demon of Reality (Diderot)
Chapter 6. Beyond Belief (Cazotte)
Conclusion: On Narrators Natural and Unnatural