Kafka's Jewish Languages

Kafka's Jewish Languages shows how Yiddish and modern Hebrew were crucial to Kafka's development as a writer. David Suchoff's examination also demonstrates the intimate relationship between Kafka's Jewish voice and his larger literary significance.

Kafka's Jewish Languages
The Hidden Openness of Tradition

David Suchoff

2011 | 280 pages | Cloth $65.00
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Kafka's Jewish Voice
Chapter 1. Cold War Kafka and Beyond: The Return of Jewish Languages
Chapter 2. The Breakthrough to Jewish Languages: "The Judgment"
Chapter 3. Hebrews in New York: Amerika, or The Man Who Disappeared
Chapter 4. Kabbalah and Comedy: The Trial and the Heretic Tradition
Chapter 5. Open Boundaries: The Castle and the Origins of Modern Hebrew
Afterword: The Puzzle of National Traditions, or the Art of Nut-Cracking