California Crucible

Historian Jonathan Bell chronicles the dramatic story of postwar liberalism in California—moving from early grassroots organizing and the election of Pat Brown as governor in 1958 to the civil rights campaigns of the 1960s and the campaigns against the new right in the 1970s.

California Crucible
The Forging of Modern American Liberalism

Jonathan Bell

2012 | 352 pages | Cloth $49.95
American History | Political Science
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Placing California in Post-World War II American Politics
Chapter 1. Politics and Party in California at Mid-Century
Chapter 2. Building the Democratic Party in the 1940s
Chapter 3. The Stevenson Effect
Chapter 4. A Democratic Order
Chapter 5. Turning Point: California Politics in the 1950s
Chapter 6. The Liberal Moment
Chapter 7. Democratic Politics and the Brown Administration
Chapter 8. Welfare Reform and the Idea of the Family
Chapter 9. Culture Wars, Politics, and Power
Chapter 10. The Legacy of the Democratic Party Renaissance
Epilogue: Liberal Politics in California in an "Era of Limits"