These sixteen essays are organized around five themes: pricing implications of developments in the theory of the firm; wage-price guidelines; pricing in regulated industries; marketing models and empirical studies of pricing behavior; rationality of business pricing decisions; and implications of pricing practices for antitrust enforcement.

Issues in Theory, Practice, and Public Policy

Edited by Almarin Phillips and Oliver E. Williamson

1968 | 264 pages | Cloth $79.95
Economics | Public Policy
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Table of Contents

1. Behavioral Rules and the Theory of the Firm
—R . M . Cyert and M. I. Kamien
2.A Dynamic Stochastic Theory of Managerial Behavior
—Oliver E. Williamson
3. An Attempt to Synthesize Some Theories of the Firm
—Almarin Phillips
4. Requiem for a Light­Weight: A Critical Historical Sketch
—Myron L. Joseph
5. In Defense of Wage-Price Guideposts . . . . Plus
—Sidney Weintraub
6. Wage And Price Determination in Macroeconometrics
—L. R . Klein
7 Unemployment and Inflation: The Cruel Dilemma
—James Tobin
8. Reasonable Rules for Rate Regulation: Plausible Policies for an Imperfect World
—William J. Baumol
9. Practical Problems of Marginal Cost Pricing in Public Enterprise: England
—Ralph Turvey
10. Practical Problems of Marginal Cost Pricing in Public Enterprise: The United States
—James R . Nelson
11. Applications of Decision Theory in Pricing Strategy
—Paul E. Green
12. Market Modeling: A Case History
—Ronald E. Frank
13. Psychological Pricing in the Food Industry
—Lawrence Friedman
14. Business Pricing: The Irrational Use of Irrational Rules of Thumb
—A. W. Zelomek
15. The Underlying Rationality of Business Pricing Decisions
—Alfred R. Oxenfeldt
16. Pricing Practices and Antitrust
—E.T. Grether