The Faith of Remembrance

This book offers portraits of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Marranos: Spanish and Portuguese Jews who were forcibly converted to Catholicism but secretly retained their own faith. Merging the concerns of an anthropologist with his skills as a historian, Wachtel traces their odyssey from early modern Europe to twenty-first-century Brazil.

The Faith of Remembrance
Marrano Labyrinths

Nathan Wachtel. Translated by Nikki Halpern. Foreword by Yosef Kaplan

2013 | 408 pages | Cloth $69.95
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Table of Contents

—Yosef Kaplan

Introduction: Marranism and Modernity
Chapter 1. Juan Vicente's Sanbenito
Chapter 2. Heaven Face to Face: Francisco Maldonado de Silva
Chapter 3. "They Spoke of the Things of the Law of Moses": Manuel Bautista Perez
Chapter 4. "Remember the Mother of the Maccabees!": Regarding Leonor Nuñez	
Chapter 5. "May Everyone Be What He Is": Francisco Botello and Maria de Zarate
Chapter 6. "The Law of the Name Received from the Ancients": Fernando de Medina
Chapter 7. "Moses, Son of Queen Esther": Theresa Paes de Jesus
Chapter 8. "For in This Time All Is Lies, and All Is Truth": João Thomas de Castro and António José da Silva
Conclusion: Faith, Memory, Forgetting

Epilogue: "Five Hundred Years of Hunger": Returning
Finale: Three Poems by Odmar Pinheiro Braga