Everyday Occupations

Everyday Occupations engages visual culture and the ethnography of space, satire and parody, poetry and political critique to examine militarization as it is wielded as a cultural and political tool, and as it is experienced as a material form of violence and symbolic domination.

Everyday Occupations
Experiencing Militarism in South Asia and the Middle East

Edited by Kamala Visweswaran

2013 | 312 pages | Cloth $75.00
Anthropology | Political Science
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Table of Contents

Healing the Forest
—Cheran Rudhramoorthy

Introduction: Everyday Occupations
—Kamala Visweswaran
Chapter 1. Qırıx: An "Inverted Rhapsody" on Kurdish National Struggle, Gender, and Everyday Life in Diyarbakı
—Serap Ruken Sengul
Chapter 2. The War Zone in My Heart: The Occupation of Southern Sri Lanka
—Sandya Hewamanne
Chapter 3. Grounding Militarism: Structures of Feeling and Force in Gilgit-Baltistan
—Nosheen Ali
Chapter 4. Stateless Citizens and Menacing Men: Notes on the Occupation of Palestinians Inside Israel
—Rhoda Kanaaneh
Chapter 5. Indigenous Women and Culture in the Colonized Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh
—Kabita Chakma and Glen Hill
Chapter 6. Death and Life Under Occupation: Space, Violence, and Memory in Kashmir
—Mohamad Junaid
Chapter 7. The Missing Grave of Sheikh Said: Kurdish Formations of Memory, Place, and Sovereignty in Turkey
—Hisyar Oszoy
Afterword: Refining the Optic of Occupation
—Richard Falk

Some Day
—Kabita Chakma

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