Nothing Natural Is Shameful

In medieval Europe, where theologians saw sin, some natural philosophers saw a phenomenon in need of explanation. They believed some men were born with homosexual inclinations and others acquired them as habits based on early pleasurable experiences.

Nothing Natural Is Shameful
Sodomy and Science in Late Medieval Europe

Joan Cadden

2013 | 336 pages | Cloth $85.00
History | Gay Studies/Lesbian Studies/Queer Studies
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Table of Contents

Introduction: The Natural Philosophy of Sodomites and Their Kind
Chapter 1. Moved by Nature
Chapter 2. Habit Is a Kind of Nature
Chapter 3. "Just Like a Woman": Passivity, Defect, and Insatiability
Chapter 4. "Beyond the Boundaries of Vice": Moral Science and Natural Philosophy
Chapter 5. What's Wrong? Silence, Speech, and the Problema of Sodomy

Appendix. Pietro d'Abano, Expositio Problematum Aristotelis, IV.26: A Text

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