Daughters of Parvati

In this account of an anthropologist's journey into Indian psychiatry wards, among women with mental illnesses and the loved ones who care for them, Sarah Pinto responds to ethical crises in caregiving with attention to culture, gender, and the globalized worlds of Indian women.

Daughters of Parvati
Women and Madness in Contemporary India

Sarah Pinto

2014 | 296 pages | Cloth $59.95
Anthropology | Asian Studies | Women's Studies/Gender Studies
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Table of Contents

Note on Transliterations

Introduction: Love and Affliction
Chapter 1. Rehabilitating Ammi
Chapter 2. On Dissolution
Chapter 3. Moksha and Mishappenings
Chapter 4. On Dissociation
Chapter 5. Making a Case
Chapter 6. Ethics of Dissolution