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In addition to the featured hardcover and ebook releases, the Penn Press spring 2014 list includes many first-time paperbacks, among them: Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte; Wild Frenchmen and Frenchified Indians; Astounding Wonder; Zoot Suit; Tax and Spend; and Global Corruption.

Aid in Danger
The Perils and Promise of Humanitarianism

Larissa Fast

May 2014 | 344 pages | Cloth $75.00
Political Science
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Three Stories of Aid in Danger: From Baghdad and Muttur to Solferino 00
Chapter 2. The Twin Challenges for Contemporary Humanitarianism
Chapter 3. The Dangers They Face: Understanding Violence Against Aid Workers and Agencies
Chapter 4. The Dominant Explanations: Competing Discourses of Aid
Chapter 5. Explanations in the Shadows: Competing Images of Aid
Chapter 6. Coping with Danger: Paradigms of Humanitarian Security Management
Conclusion. Reclaiming Humanity

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