The Roman Inquisition

With this final installment in his trilogy on the seventeenth-century Roman Inquisition, Thomas F. Mayer has provided the first comprehensive study of the legal proceedings against Galileo.

The Roman Inquisition
Trying Galileo

Thomas F. Mayer

2015 | 368 pages | Cloth $89.95
History | Religion
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Florentine Opposition
Chapter 2. Formal Proceedings Begin (late 1614-mid-February 1616)
Chapter 3. The Precept of 26 February 1616
Chapter 4. The Legal Meaning of 1616: The Jurisprudence and Use of Admonitions and Precepts
Chapter 5. The Beginning of the End
Chapter 6. The Second Phase of Galileo's Trial Begins
Chapter 7. The End
Appendix: Frequency of Precepts

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