Culture and PTSD

Culture and PTSD examines the applicability of PTSD to cultural contexts beyond Europe and North America and details local responses to trauma and how they vary from PTSD as defined by the American Psychiatric Association.

Culture and PTSD
Trauma in Global and Historical Perspective

Edited by Devon E. Hinton and Byron J. Good

2015 | 440 pages | Cloth $79.95
Anthropology | Medicine
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Table of Contents

Introduction. Culture, Trauma, and PTSD
—Byron J. Good and Devon E. Hinton
Chapter 1. The Culturally Sensitive Assessment of Trauma: Eleven Analytic Perspectives, a Typology of Errors, and the Multiplex Models of Distress Generation
—Devon E. Hinton and Byron J. Good

Chapter 2. Is PTSD a Transhistoric Phenomenon?
—Richard J. McNally
Chapter 3. What Is "PTSD"? The Heterogeneity Thesis
—Allan Young and Naomi Breslau
Chapter 4. From Shell Shock to PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury: A Historical Perspective on Responses to Combat Trauma
—James K. Boehnlein and Devon E. Hinton

Chapter 5. Trauma in the Lifeworlds of Adolescents: Hard Luck and Trouble in the Land of Enchantment
—Janis H. Jenkins and Bridget M. Haas
Chapter 6. Gendered Trauma and Its Effects: Domestic Violence and PTSD in Oaxaca
—Whitney Duncan
Chapter 7. Exploring Pathways of Distress and Mental Disorders: The Case of the Highland Quechua Populations in the Peruvian Andes
—Duncan Pedersen and Hanna Kienzler
Chapter 8. Latinas' and Latinos' Risk for PTSD After Trauma Exposure: A Review of Sociocultural Explanations
—Carmela Alcántara and Roberto Lewis-Fernández
Chapter 9. Karma to Chromosomes: Studying the Biology of PTSD in a World of Culture
—Brandon A. Kohrt, Carol M. Worthman, and Nawaraj Upadhaya
Chapter 10. Square Pegs and Round Holes: Understanding Historical Trauma in Two Native American Communities
—Tom Ball and Theresa D. O'Nell
Chapter 11. Culture, Trauma, and the Social Life of PTSD in Haiti
—Erica James
Chapter 12. Is PTSD a "Good Enough" Concept for Postconflict Mental Health Care? Reflections on Work in Aceh, Indonesia
—Byron J. Good, Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good, and Jesse H. Grayman

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