The Monster in the Garden

In The Monster in the Garden, Luke Morgan develops a new conceptual model of Renaissance landscape design, arguing that the monster was a key figure in Renaissance culture and that the incorporation of the monstrous into gardens was not incidental but an essential feature.

The Monster in the Garden
The Grotesque and the Gigantic in Renaissance Landscape Design

Luke Morgan

2015 | 256 pages | Cloth $65.00
Architecture | Fine Art
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Reframing the Renaissance Garden
Chapter 1. The Legibility of Landscape: From Fascism to Foucault
Chapter 2. The Grotesque and the Monstrous
Chapter 3. A Monstruary: The Excessive, the Deficient, and the Hybrid
Chapter 4. "Rare and Enormous Bones of Huge Animals": The Colossal Mode
Chapter 5. "Pietra Morta, in Pietra Viva": The Sacro Bosco
Conclusion: Toward the Sublime