In the Heat of the Summer

In Central Harlem, the symbolic and historic heart of black America, the violent unrest of July 1964 highlighted a new dynamic in the racial politics of the nation. The first "long, hot summer" of the Sixties had arrived.

In the Heat of the Summer
The New York Riots of 1964 and the War on Crime

Michael W. Flamm

2016 | 368 pages | Cloth $34.95
American History | African-American Studies/African Studies
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Growing Menace
Chapter 2. The Great Mecca
Chapter 3. The Gathering Storm
Chapter 4. The Fire This Time
Chapter 5. This Most Marvelous City
Chapter 6. Heat and Dirt, Anger and Fury
Chapter 7. Take the "A" Train
Chapter 8. Communists, Conservatives, and Conspiracies
Chapter 9. Make Somebody Listen
Chapter 10. Calming the Waters
Chapter 11. All the Way with LBJ
Chapter 12. The War on Crime

List of Personal Interviews and Correspondence