Animals and Other People

Demonstrating the centrality of animals to an eighteenth-century literary and philosophical tradition, Animals and Other People argues for the importance of this tradition to current discussions of what life is and how we might live together.

Animals and Other People
Literary Forms and Living Beings in the Long Eighteenth Century

Heather Keenleyside

2016 | 280 pages | Cloth $69.95
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Table of Contents

Introduction. Animals and Other Figures
Chapter 1. The Person: Poetry, Personification, and the Composition of Domestic Society
Chapter 2. The Creature: Domestic Politics and the Novelistic Character
Chapter 3. The Human: Satire and the Naturalization of the Person
Chapter 4. The Animal: The Life Narrative as a Form of Life
Chapter 5. The Child: The Fabulous Animal and the Family Pet
Coda. Growing Human

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