Luxurious Citizens

Luxurious Citizens traces the ways in which Americans tied consumer desire to the national interest between 1789 and 1865 and reveals how the nation transformed individual desires for goods into an index of civic worth, placing unbridled consumption at the heart of their modern political economy.

Luxurious Citizens
The Politics of Consumption in Nineteenth-Century America

Joanna Cohen

2017 | 296 pages | Cloth $45.00
American History
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Table of Contents

Introduction. Imagining the Citizen-Consumer
Chapter 1. Dilemmas of Abundance
Chapter 2. The Marketplace of Retribution
Chapter 3. The Perils of the Public Auction
Chapter 4. Of Tariffs and Taste
Chapter 5. "They Now Advertise Liberally"
Chapter 6. Consumers at War
Epilogue. The Citizen-Consumer and the State of the Nation