Multilingual Subjects

Daniel DeWispelare documents how many varieties of English became sidelined as "dialects" as Standard English became dominant throughout an ever-expanding English-speaking world, while asserting the importance of both multilingualism and dialect writing to eighteenth-century anglophone culture.

Multilingual Subjects
On Standard English, Its Speakers, and Others in the Long Eighteenth Century

Daniel DeWispelare

2017 | 344 pages | Cloth $69.95
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Table of Contents

Introduction. Multiplicity and Relation: Toward an Anglophone Eighteenth Century
Multilingual Lives: Peros, Jack, Neptune, and Cupid
Chapter 1. The Multilingualism of the Other: Politics, Counterpolitics, Anglophony, and Beyond
Multilingual Lives: Reverend Lyons
Chapter 2. De Copia: Language, Politics, and Aesthetics
Multilingual Lives: Dorothy Pentreath and William Bodener
Chapter 3. De Libertate: Anglophony and the Idea of "Free" Translation
Multilingual Lives: Joseph Emin
Chapter 4. Literacy Fictions: Making Linguistic Difference Legible
Multilingual Lives: Antera Duke
Chapter 5. The "Alien Wealth" of "Lucky Contaminations": Freedom, Labor, and Translation
Multilingual Lives: Sequoyah
Conclusion. Anglophone Futures: Globalization and Divination, Language and the Humanities

Appendix A. Selected "Dialect" Prose
Appendix B. Selected "Dialect" Poetry
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