Spaces in Translation

In Spaces in Translation, Christian Tagsold explores Japanese gardens in the West and ponders their history, the reasons for their popularity, and their connections to geopolitical events. He concludes that a process of cultural translation between Japanese and Western experts created an idea of the Orient and its distinction from the West.

Spaces in Translation
Japanese Gardens and the West

Christian Tagsold

2017 | 256 pages | Cloth $59.95
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. From China to Japan: The History of Asian Spaces
Chapter 2. Discourses of Spaces
Chapter 3. Spreading the Japanese Garden Worldwide
Chapter 4. Between Essence and Invention
Chapter 5. Zen and the Art of Gardens
Chapter 6. Elements of the Japanese Garden
Chapter 7. Authoritarian Gardens
Chapter 8. Connecting Spaces, Disconnecting Spaces
Chapter 9. Postmodernizing Japanese Gardens