Republican Character

Republican Character examines the role of temperament, personality, character, and leadership ability in political success. Donald T. Critchlow compares the strengths and weaknesses of four key Republicans—Richard Nixon, Nelson Rockefeller, Barry Goldwater, and Ronald Reagan—as well as the uneasy alliances that arose between them.

Republican Character
From Nixon to Reagan

Donald T. Critchlow

2017 | 192 pages | Cloth $34.95
American History | Political Science
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Table of Contents

Introduction. Presidential Character, Politics, and Power

Chapter 1. Richard Nixon: The Disillusioned Idealist
Chapter 2. Nelson Rockefeller: Ambition and Appetite
Chapter 3. Idealism Betrayed, Opportunity Denied: Nixon and Rockefeller Compared
Chapter 4. Barry Goldwater: Undisciplined Individualist
Chapter 5. Ronald Reagan: Principled Pragmatist
Chapter 6. Uneasy Allies: Goldwater and Reagan Compared

Epilogue. Voters and Leaders in Disarray