Dante's Philosophical Life

Dante's Philosophical Life argues that Purgatorio was intended to give instruction on how to live the philosophic life. Paul Stern's claim that Dante was arguing for prudence against dogmatisms of every kind addresses a question of contemporary concern: whether reason can guide a life.

Dante's Philosophical Life
Politics and Human Wisdom in "Purgatorio"

Paul Stern

2018 | 304 pages | Cloth $65.00
Political Science | Literature
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Politics, Poetry, and Philosophy in Purgatorio
Chapter 2. "What Good Would Climbing Do?": The Rationale and Impetus for the Pursuit of Self-Knowledge (Cantos I-IX)
Chapter 3. "To a Better Nature You Lie Subject": The Political Character of Humanity and Nature (Cantos X-XVII)
Chapter 4. Disrobing the Siren: The Zealous Pursuit of Clarity (Cantos XXVII-XIX)
Chapter 5. "When Love Breathes Within Me": The Desirability of Desire (Cantos XIX-XXVII)
Chapter 6. "The Nest for Human Nature": Earthly Paradise and the "Happiness in This Life" (Cantos XXVIII-XXXIII)
Chapter 7. Dante's Human Wisdom