Red Scare in Court

A meticulously detailed historical account of one of the casualties of the Cold War politics of the 1950s. Arthur J. Sabin has had unprecedented access to the files of both sides, thus providing a rare "behind the scenes" portrait of the case.

Red Scare in Court
New York versus the International Workers Order

Arthur J. Sabin. Foreword by Howard Fast

1993 | 392 pages | Cloth $45.00 | Paper $28.95
Law | American History | Political Science
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Table of Contents

A Note on Sources

Chapter I-Cold War-Red Scare in Perspective
Chapter II-The First Twenty Years
Chapter III-The Place and the Players
Chapter IV-The Formal Hearing
Chapter V-Into Foley Square
Chapter VI-Trial Strategy and the Paid Informer
Chapter VII-Ex-Communist, Ex-IWO Vice-President
Chapter VIII-The State's Case Continues
Chapter IX-The Role of the Press; The State Continues its Case
Chapter X-Two Anti-Communist Stars
Chapter XI-The Defense Begins-Haley as Architect
Chapter XII-A Movie, A Founder, and an Administrator
Chapter XIII-An Artist and a Black Activist
Chapter XIV-With the End in Sight
Chapter XV-Judge Greenberg Decides
Chapter XVI-On Apppeal
Chapter XVII-To the Supreme Court and Beyond
Chapter XVIII-Retrospectives