The Making of the Black Lawyer, 1844-1944

J. Clay Smith, Jr. Foreword by Justice Thurgood Marshall

1993 | 760 pages | Cloth $65.00 | Paper $36.50
Law | African-American Studies/African Studies | American History
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Table of Contents

Foreword, by Justice Thurgood Marshall

Chapter 1 Black Students in White Law Schools and the Black Law Schools
Chapter 2 New England: The Genesis of the Black Lawyer
Chapter 3 The Atlantic States
Chapter 4 The Southeastern States
Chapter 5 The Southern States
Chapter 6 The Southwestern States
Chapter 7 The Northeastern States
Chapter 8 The Northwestern States
Chapter 9 The Pacific States
Chapter 10 National White and Black Bar Groups and the State Black Bar Groups

Appendix 1. The First Black Lawyers, 1844-1944
Appendix 2. U.S. Census: The Number of Lawyers in Each State/Territory by Race and Sex, 1850-1940
Table of Cases