America and the Germans, Volume 1

Unprecedented in scope and critical perspective, American and the Germans presents an analysis of the history of the Germans in America and of the turbulent relations between Germany and the United States.

America and the Germans, Volume 1
An Assessment of a Three-Hundred Year History—Immigration, Language, Ethnicity

Edited by Frank Trommler and Joseph McVeigh

1985 | 408 pages | Cloth $79.95 | Paper $22.95
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Table of Contents

Hyphenated America: The Creation of an Eighteenth Century German-American Culture
German Immigration to Colonial America: Prototype of a Transatlantic Mass Migration
The Pattern of German Emigration to the United States in the Nineteenth Century
Germ an-Americans and the Invention of Ethnicity
The German-American Immigrants and the Newly Founded Reich
The German Language in America
The Challenge of Early German-American Literature
The Representation of America in German Newspapers Before and During the Civil War
Women of German-American Fiction: Therese Robinson, Mathilde Anneke, and Fernande Richter