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Hopewell Village
A Social and Economic History of an Iron-Making Community

Joseph E. Walker

1966 | 526 pages | Cloth $79.95 | Paper $16.95
American History
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Table of Contents

The Historical Village
—An Uncertain Youth, 1771-1800
—Growth to Prosperity, 1800-1845
—Decline, Shutdown and Survivals, 1845-1963
The Physical Village
—The Ironmaster's Mansion
—Homes for the Workers
—The Farm and Forest
The Industrial Village
—The Furnace Product
—Management and Business Methods
The Commercial Village
—The Store
—Transportation and Sales
The Vocational Village
—The Worker and His Job
—The Worker and His Boss
—Labor Recruitment, Training and Tenure
The Social Village
—The Worker and His Associates
—The Colored Population
—The Women
—The Children
—Amusements and Recreation
—Hopewell and the Outside World

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