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Keynes, Keynesians, and Monetarists

Sidney Weintraub. With coauthors Paul Davidson, Hamid Habibagahi, Henry Wallich, and E. Roy Weintraub

1978 | Second Edition
368 pages | Cloth $79.95 |
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Perspectives on Money Wages

1. Keynes and the Monetarists
2. The Kenesian Light That Failed
3. Keynes and the Quantity Theory Elasticities
4. Keynes and the Theory of Derived Demand
5. The Full Employment Model: A Critique
6. Revision and Recantation in Hicksian Economics
7. Money Supplies and Price-Output Variation: the Friedman Puzzle
8. Money as Cause and Effect
9. A Theory of Monetary Policy Under Wage Inflation
10. The Price Level in the Open Economy
11. A Macro Theory of Pricing, Income Distribution, and Employment
12. Marginal Productivity and Macrodistribution Theory
13. Rising Demand Curves in Price Level Theory
14. Cost Inflation and the State of Economic Theory: A Comment
15. New Books on Keynes
16. A Tax-based Incomes Policy