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The Present and Future of the Telescope of Moderate Size

Edited by Frank Bradshaw Wood

1958 | 248 pages | Cloth $79.95
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Table of Contents

—Frank Bradshaw Wood
Image Tube Developments and the Small Telescope
—W. A. Hiltner
Electronic Photography
—A. Lallemand
Photoelectric Problems in Astronomy
—J. D. McGee
Investigations of Image Detectors
—P. B. Fellgett
The application of Punched-Card Methods to the Recording and Reduction of Photoelectric Observations
—J. S. Hall and A. A. Hoag
The Newton Lacy Pierce Photometer, a Photoelectric Photometer Designed for Variable Star Observations
—W. Blitzstein
An Infrared Technique for Stellar Photometry
—D.J. Lovell and G. R. Miczaika
The Application of Small Telescopes to Photoelectric Problems
—G. E. Kron
Photoelectric Studies of the Scintillation of Starlight
—W. Protheroe
Our Knowledge of the Upper Atmosphere from Studies of the Scintillation of Visible Starlight
—G. Keller
Precision Problems in Photographic Astrometry
—A. N. Vyssotsky
Variable Star Programs, Present and Future
—B. S. Whitney
The Present and Future of Stellar Spectroscopy with Moderate Size Telescopes
—D. B. McLaughlin