Archaeological Chemistry

This collection of studies in archeological chemistry is the most important ever devoted to this field. In these pages its difficult experimental problems are treated by an impressive group of experts from all over the globe.

Archaeological Chemistry
A Symposium

Edited by Martin Levey

1967 | 368 pages | Cloth $79.95
Archaeology | Chemistry
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Table of Contents

A New Method for the Analysis of Ancient Dyed Textiles
Ancient and Medieval Glass of Middle Asia
Investigations of the Origin and Manufacture of Orichalcum
Characteristics of Antiques and Art Objects by X-Ray Fluorescent Spectrometry
Chemische Untersuchungen der Patina Vorgeschichtlicher
Bronzen aus Niedersachsen und Auswertung Ihrer Ergebnisse
New Methods in the Investigation of Ancient Mortars
Metallurgy of Some Ancient Egyptian Medical Instruments
Die Untersuchung Alter Eiserner Fundstücke und die Dazu Verwendeten Verfahren
Research on an Iron Spearhead from the Etruscan Sanctuary of Fanum Voltae, Fourth-Third Centuries B.C. Investigations On Ancient Pottery from Maski
Methodological Problems of C 14 Dating
Some Notes on Pre-Colombian Metal-Casting
Some Materials of Glass-Manufacturing in Antiquity
L'Analyse Critique au Service de l'Histoire des Métaux Anciens
Pigments Employed in Old Paintings of Japan