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The Large Family System
An Original Study in the Sociology of Family Behavior

James H. S. Bossard. With the aid and partial collaboration of Eleanor Stoker Boll

1956 | 328 pages | Cloth $79.95
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Table of Contents

1. Purpose: What This Book Is About
2. Method: How the Study Was Made
3. Subject: Children in a Hundred Large Families
4. Attitudes and Motives: How Its Members Regard the Large Family
5. Interaction Personal Relations Within the Large Family
6. The Vulnerability of the Large Family
7. Child Rearing in the Large Family
8. Interaction Among the Siblings
9. Interaction Among the Siblings (continued)
10. Personality Patterns Among the Siblings
11. Selected By-products of Large Family Living
12. Family Formation in the Next Generation
13. Marital Happiness of Persons Reared in Large Families
14. The Large Family System