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Exocrine Glands
Proceedings of a Satellite Symposium of the XXIV International Congress of Physiological Sciences

Edited by Stella Y. Botelho, Frank P. Brooks, and Walter B. Shelley

1969 | 288 pages | Cloth $79.95
Anatomy and Physiology
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Table of Contents

Introduction by Chairman A. S. V. Burgen, Cambridge University, England

Salivary Gland
Secretory Transmembrane Potentials and Electrolyte Transients in Salivary Glands
—Ole Holger Petersen and Jorgen Hedemark Poulson
Water and Electrolyte Secretion by the Submaxillary Gland
—J. Ricardo Martinez
Observations on Secretory Potentials in Rat Submaxillary Gland
—Leon H. Schneyer
Discussion by: Stella Y. Botelho, A. S. V. Burgen, Howard H. Chauncey, Michael E. Fritz, Basil L. Henriques, J. Ricardo Martinez, Ole Holgar Petersen, Leon H. Schneyer, and Niels A. Thorn.
Water and Electrolyte Secretion by the Pancreas
—R. M. Case, A. A. Harper, and T. Scratcherd
Discussion by: A. S. V. Burgen, Mabel R. Hokin, Henry D. Janowitz, Stephen S. Rothman, and Thomas Scratcherd
Micropuncture Studies on the Pancreas of the Rabbit
—Irene Schultz
Discussion by: Howard A. Reber
Salt Gland
Electrolyte Transport in the Avian Salt Gland
—Mabel R. Hoken
Reptilian Salt Glands
—William A. Dunson
Discussion by: John Bienenstock, Richard L. Dobson, William A. Dunson, and Mabel R. Hokin.
Sweat Gland
The Excretion of Solutes in Human Eccrine Sweat
—Robert E. Johnson, Taketochi Morimoto, and Frances D. Robbins
Discussion by: Saul W. Brusilow, Richard L. Dobson, and Irene Schultz

Sweat Gland
Mechanisms of Non-Electrolyte Transport through Epithelial Cells
—J. F. G. Slegers
Hormonal Control of Pancreatic and Acinar Cell Metabolism
—Paul D. Webster, II
Transport of Protein by Pancreatic Acinar Cells: Random or Select
—Stephen S. Rothman
Discussion by: Mabel R. Hokin, Graham Jeffries, Donal F. Magee, Stephen S. Rothman, Niels A. Thorn, and Paul D. Webster, III
Salivary Gland
The Secretion of Immunoglobulins by the Human Salivary Glands
— J. Bienenstock, D. Tourville, and T. B. Tomasi, Jr.
Discussion by: John Bienenstock, Stella Y. Botelho, Frank P. Brooks, C. Dawes, Michael E. Fritz, A. A. Harper, A. K. Lascelles, Charlotte Schneyer, and Ulrich Wiesmann

Sweat Gland
Sweat Gland Function in Domestic Animals
—D. McEwan Jenkinson
Discussion by: Saul W. Brusilow, Richard L. Dobson, Richard J. Grand, D. McEwan Jenkinson, Robert E. Johnson, and Walter B. Shelley
Salivary and Lacrimal Glands
Neural Control of Salivary Glands
—Nils Emmelin
The Effects of Autonomic Nerve Impulses and Autonomic Drugs on Secretion by the Lacrimal Gland
—Stella Y. Botelho, Arthur M. Goldstein, and Mituhiko Hisada
Discussion by: A. S. V. Burgen, Nils Emmelin, Michael E. Fritz, J. R. Garrett, Alberto B. Houssay, D. McEwan Jenkinson, Leon Kraintz, J. L. Linzell, Thomas Scratcherd, and Niels A. Thorn
Pancreas and Liver
Duodenal Acidification and the Release of Secretion
—R. M. Preshaw
Vagal Stimulation of Bile Flow in Conscious Dogs
—Frank P. Brooks and Morton I. Grossman

—A. S. Burgen