Gnomes of the Night

Gnomes of the Night should appeal to all zoologists, especially those whose interests are in the lives of animals in their natural habitat rather than in the laboratory. Illustrated with maps and photographs, it is a scholarly and fascinating account of little-known but prevalent animals.

Gnomes of the Night
The Spadefoot Toads

Arthur N. Bragg. Foreword by Hobart M. Smith

1965 | 128 pages | Cloth $79.95
Biology/Natural History
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Table of Contents

Foreword, by Hobart M. Smith

History, Classification, and Distribution of Spadefoots
Some Peculiarities of Spadefoots
Reproductive Activities
Larval Development and Behavior
Evolution, Habits, and Habitat

Appendix. Key for the Identification of Adult Spadefoots
Selected References