The Scientific Achievement of the Middle Ages

Offers a comprehensive introduction to medieval science, presented in the context of an historical narrative.

The Scientific Achievement of the Middle Ages

Richard C. Dales

1973 | 192 pages | Cloth $20.00 | Paper $19.95
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Table of Contents

Introduction, by Edward Peters

Chapter 1. The Early Middle Ages
Chapter 2. The Twelfth Century
—Selections from Adelard of Bath, Natural Questions
—Selections from Anonymous, On the Elements
Chapter 3. Robert Grosseteste and Scientific Method
—Selections from Robert Grosseteste, The Impressions of the Elements
—Selections from Robert Grosseteste, The Heat of the Sun
Chapter 4. The Tides
—Selections from Robert Grosseteste, An Inquiry into the Causes of the Tides
Chapter 5. Studies of the Rainbow
—Selections from Carl B. Boyer, "The Theory of the Rainbow: Medieval Triumph and Failure"
Chapter 6. Studies of Local Motion
—Selection from H. Lamar Crosby, Jr., ed., Thomas of Bradwardine His Tractatus de Proportionibus
—Selections from John Buridan, Questions on the Heavens and the World
—Selections from Marshall Clagett, The Science of Mechanics in the Middle Ages
—Selections from Nicole Oresme, On the Book of the Heavens and the World of Aristotle